House in a field

Moblhom started the way a lot of these things do: with pure frustration. There was an inefficient system out there begging for overhaul.

This is our story. And we’re willing to bet that except for a few of the details, it’s yours, too.

Not that long ago, founder Ashley McCullough moved a few times in a few years. And every time she moved to a new city, she spent hours scouring the internet for a good place to rent for a couple months while she figured out where to plant herself (semi) permanently.

Hunting for sublets was like trying to spot sheep in a snowfield and using vacation rental platforms was about as cost-effective as burning paper money to heat your home.

The question that kept coming up was: why are annual rentals the default? Who does that model serve? In the age of the “Hipster Nomad,” the “Affluent Homeless,” and the proliferation of the sharing economy, who actually wants to sign a lease for a year and then go out and buy a bunch of tufted, upholstered settees and fill an entire place with things, only to have to do it again and again, ad nauseam, for a lifetime? Why couldn’t we rely on other people’s property to redefine our concept of “home” the way we now rely on other people’s cars to redefine the concept of “transportation?"

You see what happened next, right?

Someone had to do it.

We built a platform (but really we built a model, a lifestyle, a philosophy) that delivers a quick, streamlined experience for renting plug-and-play homes monthly. We know you're mobile. Go ahead and be mobile. We'll make sure you can be home wherever you are.


Whatever you have to tell us (good, bad and ugly) will help us create a better product for you. So, tell us. We welcome questions, comments, suggestions (and recipes – we really like recipes). Contact us here.

Or give us a call at (406)285-8552. We'd love to hear from you!


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