What are my payment options?

You can pay by credit card.

If I rent for 6 months, do I have to pay it all up front?

Whenever you rent more than 2 months, you pay the 1st and last up front and then you will receive an email prompt to let you know when the next payment will be charged to your card (generally 3-5 days before the beginning of each month).

What if I want to book a month that has already begun?

As long as you’re booking the current month and a subsequent month together, you can start your booking now, even though it is past the 1st of the month.

Can I contact the homeowner first?

Yes, at any time during the booking process, you can send your request to book with questions or comments.

Do I need to have renter’s insurance?

You should definitely have renter’s insurance as it protects you and your belongings wherever you are.


How do I get approved to list my home?

You can list at any time, but you must certify that you own the property and that you have landlord insurance. We will complete a certification process that confirms those facts and then your listing will be featured as verified.

What do I pay to list my home?

Listing is always free. Accepting bookings and collecting payment is also free for homeowners.

How soon do I get paid after accepting a booking?

You will be paid 2 days after the beginning of the booking period. So, if your renter arrives on August 1st, your payment will process on August 3rd.

What is the shortest term I can rent for?

One month is the shortest, so 28 days if you rent your home in February.

Can I live in my home and just rent out part of it?

No. We only allow entire homes to be rented, not shared living spaces.

How do I know how much to charge?

We generally recommend looking at fair market rent in your area for the size of your home and number of bedrooms, then add the cost of expenses (the home is expected to have all utilities included).