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About this company

Yellowstone Cleaning Company is focused on providing next-level cleaning services for luxury homes and vacation rentals in southwest Montana. We offer a high-quality and discreet option -- our staff is always professional​,​ presentable​,​ and kind. If you're looking for a reliable cleaning vendor that actually meets your expectations​,​ you've found one. Our cleaning rate is $45 per cleaner that is present. We offer services in the following communities: - Big Sky - Bozeman - Livingston

What we offer

  • We bring our own cleaning supplies
  • We use natural cleaning products
  • We are great at removing stains/pet hair
  • We can bring a steam cleaner for stains on upholstery/carpets
  • We can wash and replace linens
  • We don't mind if your dog hangs around while we clean
  • We will gladly drive up to 25 miles to get to your location


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